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    October 22, 2011


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    Bathroom Design

    looks like a great transformation from an old chair to a personalized flower deigned one..I love the idea of using spray than regular paint. ( gives me an idea about it);)) thanks


    I spray paint EVERYTHING! There are lots of color choices available.


    Awesome! I'm so inspired. I want to try something like this too.


    Thanks, Emma! I was scared to get started, but once I did it got really fun.


    Those chairs are really cute. I want to have them.

    Ducted Air Conditioning Sydney

    Great transformation! The chair looks beautiful. The flower design makes it vibrant.


    It is not so difficult to reconstruct your old chair in your own style. This post has delivered this information in beautiful manner. You can utilize you old stuff in reconstruction of your old chair so that at the end of the day you will find a thing which can give you pleasure of homemade furniture.

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